フォロワーさん魔女っ子化 by ソウノ

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Lolita Photo Shoot

JSK:  Alice and Pirates marionette in my closet/

Blouse: AnP Halloween 

Bonnet: Triple Fortune.

Umbrella :AnP

Suitcase:Classic Puppet

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JSK:Alice and pirates
Marionette in my closet room


Some of the guests for BABY’s 5th Annual Headquarters Tea Party: Time Travel Station~

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everyday outfit
Brand: snidel
Rings: osewaya

lavender garden


Alice’s and the Pirates’s Rose Funeral Colorways

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Lolita Photo shoot 

Lolita outfit
Op: juliette et Justine
Hat: handmade

JM’s strawberry collection.

Emm….( ໊ ◞˃̶͈ ᴗ˂̶͈)◞⋆
Every time I go out with elders, I will dress up sooooo normal…..pretend to be mom’s good girl…

I’m not Snow White,

but I’m lost inside this forest.

I’m not Cinderella.

I don’t need a knight.

I am just the rabbit in the wonderland,

but will you wake me up,

if I bite your poison apple?

Oh…..Guess Who I Saw …..


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